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One sip and you know you’ll never get enough…

The Realm of Zin-Phomaniac

Zin-Phomaniac. Created by and for Zinfandel lovers who crave the arousing aromas, warm embrace and climactic finish of a fleshy, voluptuously-styled Zinfandel. Sourced from California’s best Zinfandel growing regions. Always from old vine Zinfandel.

You Will Love Me

You’ve always loved Zinfandel. With its arresting fruit aromas, big berry and spice flavors and full-bodied profile, Zin has always been the varietal for you. But Zin-Phomaniac takes your obsession to a whole new level.


Lodi Vineyards

With a temperate, Mediterranean climate and sandy loam soils, the Lodi appellation produces many outstanding wines, but is particularly renowned for its sumptuous, richly-flavored red Zinfandels. Our winemaker scours this area east of the San Francisco Bay to identify vineyards and grapes that fit the Zin-Phomaniac profile. Working with a handful of older vineyards with vines between 20 and 75 years old, we fashioned a voluptuous, lavishly textured Old Vine Zinfandel that reflects the ideal climate and varied soils of this acclaimed wine growing region.